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New socialized housing project on the rise

BINONDO, Manila - Leading real-estate developer Stateland, Inc. prides itself in launching its latest socialized housing project, Casa Laguerta, on Saturday November 29, 2014. Seated at the resort capital of the Philippines, Calamba City, Laguna, this rising community caters primarily to Filipino families seeking affordable houses without compromising quality and comfort.

“Through our partnership with the Pag-IBIG Fund, we want to offer a decent starter home to minimum wage earners” said Stateland president Reynaldo T. Cometa.

"Casa Laguerta is ideally situated in Calamba with a magnificent view of Mount Makiling. The project is also very accessible by public transport and is just a few minutes away from the SLEX - Canlubang exit", he added.

As a developer, Stateland’s excellence in housing and community development contributes to the nation-building effort of the housing sector. Casa Laguerta is the epitome of the company’s mission to deliver quality and innovative products and services to its customers and to make meaningful contribution to national development. With the aim to cater to more clients, Stateland ventures in socialized housing development consequent to its economic housing counterpart, Gran Avila, which was launched last March 2014.

Delie Chua, senior vice president stated that “This is a community that is carefully crafted to be something that the future home owners will be proud of in the coming years. We want to highlight the flexibility of the space by featuring custom built and convertible furniture and fixtures in our model units, a first of its kind in this market segment. These suggested layouts will allow our buyers to maximize their living areas.”

CASA LAGUERTA is just one of the many plans that the company has in store in serving the housing needs of the country. With its desire to end the year on a high note, Stateland, Inc. encourages clients to invest their hard-earned money on a lasting home investment they can be proud of. For the holiday season, Stateland also launched its "Be Home for Christmas" promo which comes with exciting gifts and incentives for buyers.

For more information please visit or like our official Facebook fan page Interested parties may also call 244-6818, 244-6877, and 0917-827-4553.

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Countryside Living at Gran Seville

               For many people, Metropolis is the place to live. Being the seat of power and center of commerce, business, industry and education, Metropolis is arguably one of the best place for us to build our lives. This is the reason why families from different areas in the Philippines, regardless of their backgrounds and financial means, transfer here and make their best to survive the daily grind in the Metro. However, being in the center of everything is not everything at all. Sometimes, there are better things that are yet to be discovered, places that need to be visited and a life that needs to be lived.

Experience cleaner air and a breath-taking view in the countryside

                Though living in the Metro provides you and your family infinite opportunities, taking a leap and risking to live and build a home outside the Metro is quite a challenge for most of us.  Instead of tall skyscrapers and neon lights, you’ll get to see a farm pasture and high mountains reaching the clouds. While in the city you get to hear loud music coming from the streets and different establishments, chirping birds and the rustling sound of walis tingtings in the wee hours of the morning dominate your sense of hearing in the rural areas. Although living in the city is full of advantages, a country side living also has its share of benefits for you and your family. For one, country life provides you more privacy and tranquility. City dwelling can be dreadful because places are fully packed with a lot of people you’ll find it hard to actually go on your own. Life in the countryside gives you more freedom to express yourself and travel anywhere without the thought of having many eyes fixed on you. It’s a given fact that because many people flock the cities, it becomes overcrowded which results to little spaces allotted for each person/family. With the lack of open spaces, activities may be limited for them. Country life, though does not guarantee grandeur living, provides more space for the different activities of the family.  Backyards and lawns are familiar sights to a country home. They can have their own garden and produce their own foods. Moreover, air in the province is undoubtedly cleaner than the city because of less factories and vehicles.

                Realizing the beauty of countryside living, this is where Stateland, Inc. comes into place. Having mastered the rudiments of real estate in the country, Stateland products are known to be hinged on high quality standards. These can be seen through their community developments, mostly seen in Southern Luzon. In the tranquil and emerging city of Cabuyao in Laguna lies the 20-hectare property called the Gran Seville.  Its 19-meter wide frontage along the National Highway in Cabuyao makes this private subdivision one of the most desirable communities in the locality. Launched last 2005, Gran Seville is a self-contained, Spanish-inspired community with prime lots by the entrance of the subdivision available for commercial use. House models vary depending on the needs and wants of the residents. It has five house models, ranging from 39-82 sq. m. of floor area with a variety of color schemes, specifically designed to suit the lifestyle of each family. The community also features amenities for the comfort and enjoyment of the residents. Multipurpose clubhouse, swimming pool with shower rooms and cabanas, basketball court with pole-mounted lighting and landscaped children’s playground are built to ensure that residents can fully enjoy their stay at Gran Seville. Open spaces are also abundant on this subdivision as there are mini parks with gazebo and landscaped main open space with concrete benches, lamp posts, and bell tower. Security perimeter fence also surrounds the property.
Welcome to Gran Seville

The Gran Seville archway

                Beyond the lively hues, fine details and picturesque atmosphere brought about by this grand Spanish-inspired community, residents can also enjoy the Mount Makiling scenery on top of the swimming pool cabana. The refreshing air and calm atmosphere are also prevalent in this community. Though located in the countryside, life Gran Seville is still a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is conveniently accessible to major roads, highways and establishments. Schools, churches, shopping malls and even leisure areas like the Sta. Elena Golf Club and historic places like the House of Jose Rizal in Calamba are all within reach.

Gran Seville amenities

Open basketball court


Open space (walk path) 

Children's playground 

Overview of the Mount Makiling

Aerial view of the amenities


Swimming pool

                Living a busy and grandeur lifestyle in the Metropolis is not bad. In fact, it brings you a lot of opportunities and opens doors for everyone else. But unlike living in the city, countryside living is more serene, more laid-back, more peaceful. If you are looking for a place to settle permanently after years of working hard, then there is no better option than to settle in a place that will bring you back to the early days of your childhood. Gran Seville brings you back that nostalgic feeling of being young again, while spending quality leisure time with your loved ones and friends.  

Alegria house model

Alatea house model

Dining room house interior

Bedroom house interior

Living room house interior

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wonderful things to do and remember this summer

“Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people. for those few months, you’re not required to be who everyone thinks you are, and that cut-grass smell in the air and the chance to dive into the deep end of a pool give you a courage you don’t have the rest of the year. You can be grateful and easy, with no eyes on you, and no past. Summer just opens the door and lets you out.” ― Deb Caletti

Try thinking of these scenarios:
(1) You remember dreading on that last chapter of the book your professor instructed you to read; You were so tired that you cannot open your eyes and just wishes to lie in your bed even just for an hour, no, just make it a couple of minutes before you start that piling paper works on your desk. (2) You have a deadline in your office and you’ve been rendering overtime since last week; you have no social life and you’re sleep-deprived. You’ve been wishing for an official holiday just for you to have an ample amount of rest. (3) You’ve been working hard, all day and all night. You make breakfast for your family, you do the shopping and groceries, you do the laundry and iron clothes, you pick your kids to school, help them with their homework, cook dinner and do the dishes again, rest for the night and then back to the same routine tomorrow. Having these mundane tasks over and over again will surely make you weary and tired. But hey! Once in a while, you need to take a break, or else you might be burned out. These tasks are inevitable, and you have no choice but to do it over and over again. As daunting as they may seem, they are already a part of our everyday life. However, we have good news for you!  You can all put aside all the things you’ve been doing because it’s time for you to laid back and rest. And oh, did we just say that it’s already summer? And what’s the best thing to do than to have the best summer vacation ever! Whether you’ll do it with your family, friends, loved ones, or you prefer going solo, you have to embrace yourself and do wonderful things this summer! Here are some of the things and ideas that you might enjoy doing this summer.

1    .      Go and take a dip in a pool or better yet, in a beach!
What’s summer without a splash in a water? Get yourself hydrated and tanned at the same time by dipping yourself in a pool or in a beach! Drag along your family or barkada and have a wonderful time together.

Have a relaxing vacation by visiting the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines
2    .      Improve thy talent!
When you are a teenager at school, a yuppie in the office or a mom at home, you can always improve those hidden talents, especially now that summer has arrived. You can enroll in an acting workshop, combined with singing and dancing. Or you can enroll in a music school, if you are so much into music. Moms and ladies could try to be a better chef by enrolling to a culinary school. Working professionals could do yoga classes to relieve their stress and tensions in their offices. There are many things that you can do and learn within the two-month summer vacation. You just have to manage your time well and make sure that you also enjoy what you’re doing. 

Learn how to bake cupcakes by enrolling to a summer course in culinary

3    .      Travel more
Summer is the time to always hit the road and go somewhere else. After all, you can’t do travelling more often when rainy season comes. Summer is the perfect time to pack your things and wander in different places. Travelling allows you to see the world while being yourself. It allows you to grow more, learn the culture and traditions of different places and discover more about yourself. Summer is here not for you to be a couch potato, but it’s here for you to enjoy and make the most out of it. So it’s time for you to pack your bags, put on your favorite clothes, wear your sunnies and enjoy the heat of the sun.

Take some time off this summer and discover new places in summer

4     .      Do volunteer works
Summer is best spent if it’s worth the cause. If you like to deviate from the usual outings, why not spend summer doing charity and volunteer works? Organize a feeding and medical program in your nearby area, or sign up for a tree planting activity. Or you can just simply make kids and adult smile by visiting them in welfare institutions and read them books and do gardening with them. You need not to spend a lot or go to very far places just to make a memorable summer. You can always share your time, knowledge and humor to those who are greatly in need of care and affection.

Aside from having a relaxing summer vacation, make time to do some meaningful duties.

5    .      Bond with your family
We have been all busy, yes, we know that. The grueling tasks in the office and the demanding paper works we had at school lessen the time we can spend with our families. We are working every day, sometimes, even on Sundays. But it shouldn’t always stay that way. We should also learn to manage our time, relax and unwind with our family. They have been supportive of our endeavors and we might not be able to reach where we are right now and what we have if not because of their encouragement to us. Let’s treat our parents, sisters, brothers, grandpas and grandma’s, niece and nephew a relaxing vacation somewhere else. If our budget limits us, then we can just opt to have a comforting staycation in our place. Have movie every night, eat popcorns or chips dipped in salsa sauce, make pizza or bake some cupcakes, eat halo-halo and lay all night in the make shift bed in your living room. How cool is that! You can also be more physical by engaging in sports, or biking in your subdivision. You have plenty of options to choose from, as long as the whole family can enjoy, it’s not a problem whether or not you went outside Manila.

Family time is always the best thing you can have this summer

6     .      Have yourself a ‘me-time’
The past months saw you worked hard. You’ve been enduring a lot of hardships and you have sacrificed a lot, including a quality time for yourself. When was the last time you had a haircut? Do you still have time for a relaxing manicure and pedicure? Do you still get to hang out with your friends? Have you been to a shopping mall and buy clothes and other essential stuff? Think about this: If you can’t go somewhere else this summer because of your busy schedule in school or work, you can just at least allot a time for yourself. Dine in your favorite restaurant or fast food; shop clothes, bags, shoes and other necessities for yourself and your family; visit famous places within your reach; watch movie in a movie house; go to museums; go to church and other worship places; visit an orphanage; read a book; write a novel. These are some of things you can actually do this summer without spending too much money, and at the same time, allowing yourself to grow. This is also the perfect time for you to reflect and make a better version of yourself.

Find your inner joy and peace this summer

Whatever your plans this summer, make sure that it will bring out the best in you. Have fun and always seek adventures. Summer is an inevitable part of the year, and so with our life. As the Swedish proverb puts it, “A life without love is like a year without summer”, which actually insinuates that life is incomplete without life, much like the year is incomplete without the summer season. So go on, have fun and make this summer the best summer of your life. Indulge into greatness and discover many great things!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Well designed and built: Stateland’s philosophies to subdivision development

Well designed and built: Stateland’s philosophies to subdivision development

                Peace of mind is a primary consideration when buying a home in a subdivision. Whether the residential community is in the city or in the suburbs; whether it is a mid-cost or an affordable housing project, knowing the way the development was planned is a major factor in deciding on your dream home.

                Stateland Inc., with a track record of almost four decades in the housing industry, realizes this necessity and makes it a point to fulfill the lifelong dream of every Filipino family by providing them quality houses in decent and well-planned communities. Bringing up your family in a well-developed, and well-built housing community is integral to how the company develops its projects. The drive to make sure each subdivision and housing component is done properly is more than just marketing hype for Stateland. It is a part and parcel of the company’s planning philosophies that have earned it a reputation for quality subdivision development. 

Proper subdivision planning is key to good communities

                Stateland, Inc. became a household name in the real estate industry because of its continuous delivery of products that are always hinged on high quality standards. Even before the actual house construction, the property developer conducts various pre-engineering studies to ensure the quality of land development. Its architects and engineers work with professional consultants to make sure all technical data is analyzed and taken into consideration before undergoing project planning. The land undergoes a comprehensive soil investigation, a process of determining the soil bearing capacity to properly design the roads and houses and ensure its structural integrity. Aside from soil investigation, a flood study is conducted to determine the finish elevation of the subdivision including its road network, retaining walls and drainage system. Flooding is a major concern for many homeowners and the property developer wants to assure its future residents that its proper planning mitigates such occurrences from affecting its developments. Another technical requirement that Stateland considers as an integral part of its pre-planning stage is the Geo-Resistivity study which defines the optimum location of the water source within the project site. Fault data from PHIVOLCS is also reviewed and considered before any project planning commences. As a

property developer, Stateland is not only concerned about the physical aesthetic and durability of its houses but the community as a whole“We want our residents to build their future in good communities. These are made possible through proper planning so we don’t do shortcuts when we develop our projects” said Grant Orbeta, Senior Vice President for Planning and Production. He noted that the procedures done by the developer is a testament to its commitment to deliver only the best products to its clients This philosophy is reflected in the reputation Stateland has made for itself as a developer of durable and well-built communities.

Executing the master plan

                With a vision of delivering its commitment to its buyers’ home aspirations, Stateland ensures that site and land development works are well executed. One development aspect that the company takes pride in is its road construction. Internationally accepted standards are put in place such as the preparation of compacted layers of base course on which the reinforced concrete roads are poured. To guarantee the soil’s proper compaction, Field Density Tests (FDT) are regularly conducted. The FDT measures both the percentage of compaction of the backfill material and its moisture content. Stateland’s land development unit makes sure that the soil’s compaction ratio is at the right level before any road is concreted. This guarantees that the soil is strong enough to support the road and vehicular traffic as well as avoid cracks and ruptures on the subdivision’s streets. With years of experience in land development, Stateland’s engineers realize that a well-constructed subdivision should not only have good roads and drainage but also a durable perimeter. Aside from the fact that the perimeter fence helps prevent trespassers from entering the subdivision, the retaining wall along the perimeter of the property also supports the soil and prevents erosion of perimeter lots. Stateland’s land development team paves the way for safe and secure community living, making durability its priority and ensuring that its buyers’ investment does not depreciate from poor implementation.

Building homes that buyers deserve 

                The third philosophy that guides Stateland as a housing developer is probably the most crucial to its clients. The developer is known for and is proud of the quality of its houses. Arch. Jerome Ilagan, Head of the Architectural department, emphasized that meticulous design, planning and specifications are key to Stateland’s success. Stateland’s planners keep themselves updated on new products and methodologies in design and construction but always put a premium on durability. “Oftentimes, we even go beyond minimum project requirements when we specify materials. Everything is done with careful attention to details to ensure that we provide optimum value to our clients.” Architect Ilagan adds. With their proven track record in the industry, Stateland is gearing up to launch more well-built communities in Batangas, Cavite and Laguna. Gran Avila, their latest project in Calamba, was launched last March and serves its economic housing segment while its neighboring subdivision, Casa Laguerta caters to the socialized housing segment. Construction of both projects are in full swing and despite offering affordable homes, the company made sure that they carry with them the company’s hallmarks of quality and durability.

                Stateland recognizes that a house is not just a roof over one’s head. Filipinos want to live in a well-planned community and in a house that is well-built. Stateland understands this underlying need and continuously strives to develop products that live up to the company’s slogan of “Your Dream, Our Commitment”. 

The Washington Place landmark

Washington Place house interior

Gran Avila's Alto house model

Villa San Lorenzo clubhouse

Gran Avila house interior

Gran Seville archway

Monday, 24 March 2014

New subdivision in Calamba

With affordable housing in mind, developer Stateland Inc. launched its newest economic housing project in the South.
Introduced to the media on March 1 was Gran Avila, its new master-planned, mid-cost housing development in Barangay Majada, Calamba, Laguna.
Stateland officials led by president Reynaldo Cometa attended the launch of the 16.25-hectare subdivision. Pag-Ibig Fund chief operating officer Darlene Marie Berberabe and Calamba City Mayor Timmy Chipeco graced the event, showing their support for the project.
Gran Avila units are affordable. Prices will range from P650,000 to P1.25 million. Divided into five phases with a total of 1,222 residential units, the subdivision will have houses varying from single-story to two-story single-attached houses and from one-story row houses to townhouses. Amenities include a clubhouse, a playground and a multipurpose hall.
The house models offer various modern designs with flexibility and functionality and is built with careful attention to detail to assure the integrity of each structure, according to the project’s information sheet.
Accessibility will not much be of an issue, as the Gran Avila is near schools, hospitals, churches and major malls. Jeepneys and tricycles are just a block away from the development.

What Gran Avila offers
PERSPECTIVE of the Gran Avila main entrance
For  Regan Uy, Stateland  first assistant vice president for marketing, since shelter is a basic need of man, “it is important to have a house of our own.”
Uy offered tips on what to look out for when checking out a residential unit. He pointed out the following come-ons that make Gran Avila stand out:
• Location. “It should be easily reachable via public transportation and near schools, government buildings and malls,” he said. Emphasizing on the Filipino’s love for shopping, he added that properties are more salable when near a mall.
• The neighborhood. “Consider the neighbors,” Uy said. “Pinoys consider only the price. But we in Stateland also want to make a very great community [for them to live in].” He said Stateland makes it a point to check on the community and the people living in it whenever it develops an area.
• Structural stability. “Our houses are durable and can stand against any condition,” Uy said. According to him,  Stateland’s 15-year structural stability warranty is not available among its competitors.
He added that in the country, structural stability is important, especially because of Filipinos’ attachment to their homes. “Kultura ng mga Filipino na ipinapamana sa mga anak natin ang mga bahay natin. (The culture of us Pinoys is that we give our homes to our children as inheritance.)”

Future plans
Stateland’s newest subdivision is already attracting a lot of prospective homeowners, Uy said, especially since a lot of these homeowners are reserving early for the units. “We had around 190 reservations, 30-40 percent of all the units in the Gran Avila.”
Uy added that most of the prospective buyers are OFWs. “They have the purchasing power, better than the locally employed ones, and they are able to save more [money] faster.”
This had challenged Gran Avila to deliver the goods, Uy added. “We are working faster and harder to finish all the units.”
On the other hand, Stateland—which has projects in Cavite, where it dominates the mid-cost housing market, and Laguna—said the Gran Avila is committed to keeping up with its adherence to quality, meticulous workmanship and compliance with industry standards in land development, and is planning to expand its projects in the area.
Delie Chua, Stateland senior vice president for sales and marketing, said: “We will be able to provide another well-built and well-developed community in the Laguna area. We are privileged to serve our hardworking countrymen with the houses they deserve for very affordable prices.”

Article originally published on Philippine Daily Inquirer, written by Noli Ermitanio, last March 15, 2014
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Stateland sets new economic housing project in Laguna

Keeping up with the commitment of building houses that people deserve, Stateland, Inc. once again ventured in developing economic housing project through its latest development in Calamba, Laguna, the Gran Avila. 
Launched last March 1, the Gran Avila sits on 16.25 hectares of prime land, with modern-themed architectural designs that will redefine family living. 
First introduced last July 2013, Gran Avila is a master-planned community located in the heart of Calamba, Laguna. 
The subdivision is divided into five phases with a total of 1, 222 residential units that will provide quality, flexibility and comfort to its future residents. Its proximity to major landmarks and establishments makes it an ideal place to live in. Gran Avila is also equipped with featured recreational areas and amenities that will add convenience and leisure to its future residents. 
With houses that vary from a single storey and two storey single attached, row houses and town houses, future residents can have a variety of choices depending on their needs and preferences. A multi-purpose hall will likewise be built for meetings, school gatherings and recreations. There will also be a landscaped children’s playground with play equipment and a landscaped main open space to provide its residents an area for recreation and leisure. 
House prices range  from P650,000  to P1.25 million. 
Delie Chua, senior vice president for Sales and Marketing said  with the project, the company will be able to provide another well-built and well-developed community in the Laguna area. 
Chua added that every projects of Stateland adhere to the standards and quality of the industry. “We are very meticulous and very keen about every single detail. We want system and order in our every project, and that became the Stateland trademark.” 
Stateland, Inc. is a property developer with focus projects in Cavite and Laguna. For almost four decades, it has more than forty completed projects on its portfolio, and seven on-going projects, including the Gran Avila.

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(article originally published on Malaya Business Insight on March 6, 2014)
Legato model unit

Solo model unit

Stanza model unit

Alto model unit

Monday, 10 March 2014

Stateland bares newest enclave in Calamba

Calamba, Laguna – PROPERTY developer Stateland, Inc. once again ventured in economic housing project through its latest development, the Gran Avila. The 16.25 hectares of prime land was publicly launched last March 1 and was graced by Mayor Justin Marc SB. Chipeco and Pag-IBIG Fund President and CEO Atty. Darlene Berberabe.

“We build houses that people deserve, this has always been our mantra, and Gran Avila is another product of that legacy”, Stateland, Inc. President Reynaldo T. Cometa conveyed before the distinguished guests, business partners, company officers and clients. He added that the houses developed by the company are made of fine quality construction materials. The houses they build can vary depending on the client’s preference, need and style. In Gran Avila, clients can choose from basic to complete house options from the four house model units. Mayor Chipeco also cited the housing project as a realization of every Filipinos’ dream to have a liveable community. He also mentioned that Calamba is the perfect place for the community development because of its geographical advantages and also of its naturally-friendly people.

Gran Avila is strategically located amid the greeneries of the South and the sprawling commercial establishments in the area. Initially developed and introduced last 2013, Gran Avila is an economic housing project of Stateland, Inc. that seeks to provide quality and affordable homes to the Filipino people. Its affordable cost, modern architectural design, landscaped areas and enviable location make it a suitable community for every families.

Gran Avila provides its future home owners flexible home options. Alto is 60 sq. m. two-storey single attached house with provisions for three bedrooms, one toilet and bath, dining and kitchen area and carport provision. Solo is a 36 sq. m. one-storey single attached house with provisions for two bedrooms, one toilet and bath, dining and kitchen area and carport provision. Gran Avila also offers combined units for its row house and town house units. Stanza model, a two-storey town house with 43 square meter of floor area and provision for two bedrooms, one toilet and bath, dining and kitchen area and carport provision, can be combined with another Stanza unit, depending on the client’s need and preference. This goes the same for the Legato model, a one-storey row house with 25 sq. m. floor area and provision for one bedroom, one toilet and bath, dining and kitchen area and carport provision. Generous landscaped main open spaces, landscaped children’s playground with play equipment and multi-purpose hall for different gatherings will also provide its future residents a place for  leisure and recreations. Basic units can also be altered by putting add-ons to them. For an instance, the basic turnover finish of Solo model has a plain cement finish for its ground floor. If a client opts to put an add-on to it, the plain cement finish will change into a vinyl tile finish. Aside from this, there are other house options a client can choose from. Economically aside, Gran Avila also provide its future residents a refreshing vibe of countryside living. Located in the center of business and commercial establishments in the city, Gran Avila never loses the rustic vibe of the South as one can easily overlook Mount Makiling from afar, the trees that provides shades and cold breeze and the green pastures that serves as the shelter for different farm animals. One can easily enjoy the best of both rustic and modern living, in the most economical prices.  As an economic housing project, prices for each houses are pegged from PHP 600,000.00 to PHP 1.250 million. Despite its low prices in the market, Stateland ensures the quality of its products as it strictly adheres to the standards of the Structural and Building Code of the Philippines.

The Gran Avila Grand Launching was well attended by the local government officials of Calamba City, officers and officials of the Pag-IBIG Home Development Fund, bank partners, company officials, business partners, and clients, among others. The launching beacons new beginning for the economic housing ventures as the property developer continuously innovates the standards of BP 220 developments.

Cometa assured the guests that months from now, houses will be visible and architectural plans and designs for the newest community will finally be materialized, thus the realization of a sustainable and eco-friendly community for the benefit of everyone.

Mayor Chipeco leads the house blessing ceremony in the Gran Avila Grand Launching

The newly-launched Gran Avila 

Actual interior of Stanza house model combined

Mayor Chipeco and Pag-IBIG President Atty. Darlene Berberabe leads the ribbon cutting for Gran Avila Grand Launching

Actual interior of  Legato house model unit